10 Smart Pasta Dinners For Lazy Cooks

28 Sep 2018

When I am at my laziest, it's almost guaranteed I'll lean on pasta. There are always at least a few boxes to reach for in my pantry, and it's the comfort food I crave after a long day. I want my pasta to come together without much effort and involve minimal cleanup. Of course, it also has to deliver serious satisfaction. These 10 recipes are just the kind I turn to.

When you're at your laziest, even boiling pasta can seem like too much work —that's where this recipe comes in. The uncooked pasta is tossed with the sauce and chicken and cooks right in the oven.

Don't let the Italian name fool you: This is pasta that relies on the bare minimum. Sauté some garlic in lots of olive oil, add some red pepper flakes, toss with spaghetti, and finish with lots of cheese.

The nice thing about this pasta is that the sauce cooks in the oven while you prepare the tortellini. That means you don't have to pay attention to a handful of things on the stove.

One-pan dinners are a lazy cook's best friend. Here, the chicken sausage is already cooked, so it's simply browned and then tossed with Broccolini and uncooked orzo, which will cook right in the skillet.

Lasagna isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a lazy dinner, but this one is just that. Sausage replaces ground beef to give extra flavor without extra ingredients and the noodles are cooked right in the skillet.

When you're close to just calling a tub of hummus and a bag of pita chips dinner, consider this pasta instead. It relies on a few pantry staples like olives and roasted red peppers, and the hummus makes everything super creamy.

Store-bought conveniences can save you when you're feeling lazy. Here, a bag of broccoli or kale slaw becomes the base for this veggie-packed pasta that your whole family will fall for.

Potato gnocchi is the perfect comfort food after a long day. But if you'd rather not bother with boiling it, here's your permission not to. Instead, roast it on a sheet pan with a bunch of vegetables. The gnocchi will get crispy on the outside and tender on the inside.

This one-pot pasta seems almost too good to be true. Every single vegetable is cooked right in the pot with the pasta so you're left with minimal cleanup.

Frozen tortellini is a smart thing to have on hand for lazy nights — it cooks up in minutes and doesn't need much to jazz it up. Here it's cooked in a quick fresh tomato sauce before a bunch of baby spinach is wilted in.

Source: thekitchn.com

Published on 28 Sep 2018