Some Facts About Red Caviar

08 Nov 2018

Some facts about red caviar

Salmon fish roe or red caviar is a highly popular product in the world. It can be served with sushi, pasta, eggs, sandwiches,etc. Not all people acqire the taste of these fish eggs but we can not deny the fact of its high-nutrient nature. Red caviar can be called a potent boost of nutrients, including vitamin B-12 and omega-3 fatty acids. However, like all good things, fish eggs should be eaten in moderation because they are high in sodium and cholesterol.

The benefits of salmon roe were once described by Dr W.A.Price in his book «Nutrition and Physical Degeneration». There he indicated that fish—especially fish eggs—rank very high among the whole foods associated with human health and fertility:

• “The eggs of the salmon are dried and stored as an important item of nutrition for both children and adults. They are also used to increase the fertility of the women. From a chemical standpoint they are one of the most nutritious foods I have found anywhere (Price WA, p 70).

• “In many of the primitive tribes living by the sea we found emphasis on the value of fish eggs… for insuring a high physical development of growing children, particularly of girls, and a high perfection of offspring through a reinforcement of the mother's nutrition” (Price WA, p 264).

A few year later another scientist Linda Joice Forristal wrote, “Salmon roe has been treasured by many traditional cultures, especially the Eskimos, and is much more affordable and accessible than caviar. When Weston A. Price visited Eskimo tribes in the 1930s he recorded that they valued this high-nutrient food for its contribution to the health of their babies” (Forristal LJ 2002).

Travelling through Alaska some researchers found out that people Tlingit tribe use salmon eggs among the first foods they feed their infants, beginning at eight or nine months of age. They say that it is not anly the way to provide their kids with a uniquely nutritious and developmentally beneficial food but also their children get used to sea food from early childhood and thus they have good eating habits. So let us look through nutrition facts a little bit closer.

One ounce of wild salmon roe contains 70 calories, 4 grams of fat, 9 grams of protein and 2.5 grams of carbohydrate. Saturated fat comprises 1 gram of the total fat content; the rest comes from healthy polyunsaturated fatty acids.

According to researches of Spanish scientists omega-3 levels are especially high in the eggs of salmon. Omega-3s fats are essential to human health: DHA and EPA.

In fact, omega-3 EPA and DHA constituted more than 30 percent of the fatty acids found in the eggs of salmon. As a result, the researchers mentioned that small amounts of salmon roe would provide the human body’s basic omega-3 requirements.Red caviar is one of the best natural sources of both these omega-3s. DHA is essential for early brain and eye development, while EPA and DHA are both needed for optimal heart, eye, immune, mental, and metabolic health throughout life.

A lack of omega-3s is associated with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, depression, diabetes, poor development of the nervous and reproductive systems, and inflammatory diseases.

Salmon Roe is also a great source of Vitamin B12. B 12 helps our body to make red blood cells and use fatty acids. It is difficult for many vegetarians and vegans to get enough of B12 because it is a water-soluble vitamin and you need to consume some every day. Fish Roe is an excellent source of B12, and since ten to thirty percent of older people do not absorb B12 well, it could be a good solution to introduce red caviar to the diet.

Selenium is also found in caviar. It is a kind of antioxidant which works with vitamin E to protect cells from harm caused by free radicals and other compounds in the body that may lead to heart disease or cancer. Selenium is a substantial trace mineral that supports immune function and assists cell growth. Caviar is also rich in Vitamins A and E, vitamins that are highly impotrtant for cell growth and immune system health. A tablespoon of fish roe contains around one tenth of your RDA of Vitamin A, and 0.5 milligrams of Vitamin E. Vitamin D is another significant nutrient found in red caviar. By adding Salmon red caviar to the diet, many people can avoid lack of Vitamin D in their body.

Fish roe is also rich in protein and there are no many trans-fats and carbohydrates in it. Thus red caviar might be an appealing part of anyone’s healthy diet. This great delicacy also potassium, a nutrient that can help lower blood pressure. This component is also considered to help in preventing the build-up of kidney stones. And also it somtimes helps if you suffer from headaches. To sum it up, salmon roe is not only a pleasure for your sight and taste buds it also a source of vitamins, healthy fats and minerals.

Published on 08 Nov 2018